Hiking the Beaver Pond

    April 28, 2016. Yellowstone National Park. I am so blessed to be able to live near this plot of heaven on Earth. Just a couple of hour’s drive from my home, I ended up near Mammoth Hot Springs on the north end of the park. 

 Camera pack on my back, I set out from the Terrace Springs through the trees. It may not have been my smartest move; no bear spray, no bell, no people. Once I was swallowed up my the cover, I began to sing random silly songs…lol. After about an hour, a couple of women came upon me smiling and laughing. “Do what you gotta do girl!” they told me. 

Halfway through my hike I came upon this lovely Beaver Pond nestled in a small meadow. I sat down, had a snack, and took in the beauty before me. Looking closer, I noticed that there was a crane camouflaged in the brush, sitting on a nest. I only noticed her because of her red head. 

I didn’t take many photos during my six mile hike through the forest, over the windy flats, across the border from Wyoming to Montana and back to Wyoming again. I was welcomed back to Mammoth Hot Springs by the resident herd of elk that rest there in the shade. _DSC0005.JPG


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