A Peace of my World

SONY DSC There are times when life beats us all down. The bills pile up, work sucks, the kids are crying; whatever it is in your life. In those time, I seek solitude, I seek peace. I go to find my self again, to calm my thoughts and rest my soul. Some people go shopping, some drink, some call a friend. Me? I go outside and find Nature.

Today I went to the Bighorn Canyon National Park. They have wild horses there, actual wild horses. Several groups of horses share this protected area north of Wyoming, just inside the southern border of Montana. Although you may not see these elusive grand animals, you will see majestic sights, views that will take your breath away.

There is a vast canyon that stretches to the horizon. There is historic Native American land there. You can step back in time and walk through lands founded by settlers, walk through a ranch owned and ran by a pioneer business woman.

As I drove the hills, the only sounds I could hear were those of the winds, the song of the birds, the rush of the water though the canyon. No cars, no planes, not the sound of the life I escape from. This is why I go. A day here, allows me to cope with the chaos for the rest of the week.




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